Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Patty's Dessert

We always go all out for St. Patty's Day, but probably not this year. : ( My mom works, and my sister will be in New York. But I still plan on celebrating!  The kids have their adorable shirts and accessories, I will be making Saige's tulle tutu later. Now, for the food. I think my mom is making a Guinness stew with potatoes. I have instructed my sister to drop off the soda bread before she goes to NY, she makes the yummiest! So I was thinking, what can I make for dessert? I always make cupcakes or cakes, I want something different! So far I am really liking this:
They are really easy pretzels made out of refrigerated dough and cinnamon, with colored sugar crystals on top. I think the kids will love them, but I fear they are too similar or too bready like the soda bread.

So, then I found this:

It is basically a shamrock shake, like McDonald's has.  Oh man, I love them! And if I make them myself I can use fat free ice cream and skim milk when making mine! I could actually have one!! But this is more a drink not a dessert.

So then I found these:


They are  grasshopper parfaits. Chocolate pudding, with finely chopped oreos,  mint patties, and whipped cream? I think these may be a winner for the kids!! Boy they look good! But I will be good! I can't wait to celebrate St. Patty's Day!! Are you celebrating? What will be on your table?

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