Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 3 Tuesday Weigh In

I was a bit disappointed this morning when I got on the scale, I only lost 1 pound. But hey, it is a loss. I know you usually lose the most your first week, and I was shocked I lost so much my second week, I think it spoiled me. I should by no means be disappointed when I still lost. I also had miscalculated my first week, so I lost more that week than I thought. My loss is as follows:

Week One-  -4.4 lbs
Week Two- -3.4 lbs
Week Three- -1 lb
Total- -8.8 lbs

Not bad for three weeks I think. I will say this week was a little more tough at the end...we are getting low on "my" food, and I have to wait to do food shopping until at least tomorrow when the hubby gets paid. I notice I am eating a lot of the same stuff as well, and would like to mix it up. It's hard when I am such a picky eater.

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