Saturday, March 5, 2011

I really just want to vent!

I know some bloggers who have themes for everything, or their blog is specifically about arts and crafts, or cooking, or saving money. That is NOT me and never will be. This is MY blog, so I am going to talk about everything and anything. It may be a bit scattered sometimes, but that is me too! This is a place for me to talk about whatever I want, if you don't like it, then don't read it. : )

So lately I have things weighing on my mind. I hate when things bother me. Because I am a thinker, I will think and think about it. And it will just make me more upset. What you say am I talking about? Family. Why are they the cause of all my stress? I am sure there are people out  there who feel the same way, in fact probably a lot of people. I just don't understand people. How is it "family" can tell me how much they love my kids over and over again, yet not make time for them? How can we go months without seeing one another? My kids mean so much to you, yet you never make time to see them! You barely know them! And that is the truly sad part, because these kids are amazing! I have talked about it before, and I feel like I am wasting my breath here as well, but blog, my vent, It really isn't about you anymore, just me getting my frustrations out. How do I tell my kids oh well, they are not going to be in your life anymore...that you would rather hang out with friends and other people, but not my perfect, beautiful kids? It sickens me!

While I'm off on my rant, why also do women have children, if they drop them with someone every weekend so they can go out and party? Does partying really mean more to you than spending time with your children? I hate hearing the excuse "oh well, she's young." NOT a valid excuse! Grow up! Being a mom is a full time commitment, not just when you have nothing else going on. Or when you want a trophy child on your arm.  All women who have children should be dedicated to them! They truly are the greatest gifts! It stinks that just anyone can have them, because most people don't deserve them! Now I am not saying you have to sit at home and only be with your kids. It is perfectly fine to go out once in awhile, have a girls night out or whatever, but all the time, not okay! I struggle sometimes because my kids are my world, and I never have any me time. And then I feel guilty for wanting me time. But I know I do a good job as a sahm mom, and it is okay to want some quiet time. My me time I want, is not to go out drinking or partying, but to have a nice hot bath, or read a book. Even a nice walk. I just need to de-stress, not get away from my kids.

I am just aggravated today. Probably more so than usual with these things weighing on me. Maybe my diet and lack of food are making me bitchy, lol. Sorry for the ranting, and hope I didn't offend anyone, although if I did you are probably "one of those women" so I don't care if I offended you!  bahahahaha!

Maybe it's time to make some cuts out of our lives. I don't want people in my kids lives who are not going to be a constant part of their lives. I don't want people flitting in and out of their lives. Either make the effort and want to be there, or get the hell out already! And all the women out there who would rather go out then spend time with their kids, GROW UP! They deserve so much more! And while I am still on my high horse, put some clothes on too! What is it with these moms and their slutty outfits? And some of the pictures I have seen them take of themselves on facebook, omg! You deserve a mom of the year award! How are you going to feel if your kids ever see these pics? Or if your daughter grows up and takes pictures like that? YOU are role models for your children, ACT LIKE IT!!!

Okay, time to get down, even I am sick of hearing me bitch! Sorry everyone! I try to be a nice, good person, and NOT talk trash. But it got the best of me today.


  1. I completely agree!! I go on somewhat of the same rants often!! I can't stand women who just drop their kids off with anybody willing to watch them so they can go party an get drunk! It's just crazy to me!! I think maybe once a month I go get some coffee with a friend, an that only happens if Ant or my mom are around cuz I won't even leave Dom with anyone else. An every few months I might go out an have a drink or two with some friends. That's my crazy partying life lol! It just makes me sad to see so many mothers who act like their own children are the least important thing to them

  2. Glad I'm not the only one Krisi! It sickens me! I am the same way! I don't leave my kids with anyone! Only Dale, my mom or Margie on occasion. I understand when you are young without kids, going out. But priorities should change when you become a parent, and for too many it doesn't! I can't stand people who are full of themselves, and all about themselves, when they should put their children first! And I am SO over family who would rather hang out with their friends, then their family who they are suppose to love SO much. It is ridiculous. Don't lie and be fake. JUST BE REAL!

  3. Yup, I know! I know people who have woken their kids up in the middle of the night to drop them off at peoples houses, who they were NOT that close with, to follow their "boyfriends" to the bar an watch them!! Things like that drive me insane! People are so worried about themselves an their men, or guys in general, they could care less about their own kids an giving them any attention! I can't really say to much about the family thing, my family is not a very close-nit kinda family. So going very long amounts of time without seeing or hearing from each other isn't out of the norm for us.. But I agree, if they are going to pretend like their close an care than they should act like it.