Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It really IS a lifestyle change!

So, the past week I have been "dieting".  I decided, I need to be, not skinny, but not fat! lol. So I decided I was going to start doing Weight Watchers again. I started last Monday, but then had a funeral to attend, and it was a sad event, so I ate the chocolate cake at the luncheon afterwards. I then decided Tuesday I would full on start this! And it has been a week, and today was weigh in day. I LOST 4 POUNDS! I am so stoked! I really thought I hadn't lost anything, even though I have been SUPER good!

A little back story here. I was also super skinny. I was one of those girls, who could just eat whatever, and it didn't catch up to me. That is, until I hit about 28. I gained some weight, okay, a lot, because I had been 122, but I was still in the healthy weight range for my height. The top of it, but whatever! So when I got pregnant with Shane, I did weigh the most I ever had. With his pregnancy I gained 26 pounds, not too bad! After I had him I immediately lost 23! Well, when I stopped pumping my breast milk, I gained it ALL back! And could not get it off, not that I really tried to hard to be honest with you.

That is when I was at my absolute heaviest. I finally got fed up with it, and joined Weight Watchers. It took me about 5 months, and I lost 40 pounds! I felt great, was eating healthy, and going out for daily walks! I didn't do any crazy, hard exercise. Well, then I hit a plateau, I wasn't losing anymore, and felt so frustrated, so I stopped. Oh, I was going to daily meetings, and I felt they REALLY helped! Well, once I stopped going, within 5 months or so 13 pounds crept back on. I then got pregnant with Saige. It was crazy, because I weighed the exact amount I had when I got prego with Shane. It was still in my healthy weight range. With Saige's pregnancy I only gained 23 pounds, but I felt like a moose! Especially with the 5 weeks of bedrest.  After I had her I lost 13 pounds. I thought with the breastfeeding, I would lose, but oh no, not me! I gained the 13 pounds back! I was always soo hungry! And ate everything!!So, now I was back to my pregnant weight! Not cool!

So, Saige is almost 18 months, and it is way past time for me to lose the weight. I think Shane was about the same age when I got fed up too. There is only so long I can take being overweight and not being comfortable in my own skin! I want clothes to fit again! And look good in a pair of jeans, without my muffin top hanging over! Did I mention I had 2 c-sections? You ladies who have had one know about the shelf. It's gross. I think my biggest issues are the belly fat and my thighs. I'd like to lose 2 chins as well. But, it's not just about looking good, but feeling good. And most of all being healthy for my kids!

Okay, so I have started doing Weight Watchers again. Not going to meetings, I can't afford it right now. But I know how to do it from before. I have my points calculator, and I'm doing it! But I realize, they always tell you at WW, it is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle change! And this is SO true! I can't just lose the weight and then go back to eating junk! This has to be the way I eat from now on! And that doesn't mean I can't ever indulge. You are allotted extra points for the week. You can use a few each day if you want, or use up some on a piece of birthday cake at your kids party. If there is a special occasion, I plan on allowing myself some leeway. But I will by no means be putting that stuff in my body on a daily basis!

I am now excited about spring. I used to get up early in the mornings and go for these 2-3 mile power walks. Just me and my ipod. It was a great time to just walk and think, and have a little bit of peace and quiet to myself. I love the trail by our house. And this spring I plan on stealing my mom's bike and giving that a go as well. Oh man, I have not been on a bike in ages! This should be amusing! Especially seeing me walking the next day! lol.

I figure since I can't go to meetings, and weigh in, I can be accountable here. Every Tuesday I hope to be able to post results here! And I know I have said in the past I need to get on here more often, and haven't, but that needs to change as well.

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  1. Yay, congrats on the 4 pounds!! I need to get a good plan an stick to it too! I feel ya about the "shelf" an extra chins!! I think I got a lil extra everything right now lol.. Good luck on your new lifestyle!!! I'll be rooting for ya!