Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I don't want to be wordless today!

It is suppose to be Wordless Wednesday, but I have once again not been around for awhile. I really thought I would have more time to do this, but it has not worked out that way yet. I need to start posting a blog every Monday, my husband's one day off a week. At least then I am posting once a week. Better than nothing!

So, I want to share a funny Shane story. And it made me realize, I need to lose the last 23 pounds of baby weight! The baby is 17 months now, it is WAY past time!

Shane: Daddy can you cut me up some butter to eat?
Dale: No, that is how you get fat.
Shane: Is that why Poppy is fat?
Dale: No, Poppy just has a fat belly from drinking beer.
Shane: Does Mommy drink a lot of beer?

Oh, the things that kid says! For the record, my dad does NOT drink a lot of beer, and he really isn't fat, but does have a belly. Lol. Obviously though, I do too!  I am not gonna make promises about losing weight right now though. I know it just wouldn't work for me, being cooped up in the house. I want the spring, and to be outside. I have a plan when it's warmer, but I will share that when the time comes. For now, I will just deal with my sons comments. He can also be a sweetie. He told me how good my hair looked the other day when I actually took the time to do it!


  1. Aw, that's funny but sad :(! Dom can't talk yet so I don't have that joy, but he does love to come over to me an push his hands into my belly... Which he does not do to his stick thin dad, so I am pretty sure that is his way of talking about my belly lol!! I found this weight lose trainer mat thing in the net that has all the exercises printed right on it an all that, plan on getting that an spending nap time working my butt off, literally!

  2. lol. well, even when saige does take her hour nap, i still have shane. he doesn't nap, because he is a big boy...his words. lol. but when the weather is warm, i plan on getting up super early for walks on the trail by our house, no kids. just me and my ipod. lol. i am also going to get a joffing stroller for saige, so when shane is in ps we can take walks too! and of course walks with shane, but he will only go so far, and not fast, so not much of a workout. lol. what is it with us and the scrawny men??? lol

  3. Oh yea, no naps can make things hard. But once he gets into ps maybe Saige will nap an you will have some you time lol!! An I have no idea! I yell at Ant sometimes for being to tiny... Mostly when he decides to steal my sweatpants, tie them super tight to fit his scrawny butt, an then doesn't untie them! I go to put them on an they get stuck like half way up my thigh, an I almost fall on my face!! lol I have learned to start checking them after the second time that happened