Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frivolous Friday

So, this isn't something I will do every Friday, just occasionally. These are just things that I would love to have! Some of them I may eventually get, others are just way too silly and impractical, but doesn't make me want them any less. And they really are just wants, because I have my kids and hubby, and they are all I need! But if I somehow came into extra money,  and my family didn't need anything, I might just splurge and get one of these things! :)

Okay, I LOVE these shoes! But, really, can you see me wearing these and chasing after a toddler? Would they look good with my yoga pants and shirt that is stained from Saige getting cookie all over it? lol, very impractical. But boy would I love them!

 BAHAHA! How silly, huh? But I love it. I think it would go great in the tattoo themed bathroom I want.

 Okay this on is a little more practical. I LOVE the show Scrubs, and for some reason only own Season one, two and seven. Not even completely sure I own season 2. lol. I would like to own ALL the seasons!
 These are the earrings I have been drooling over on Etsy! I LOVE them! And my favorite color!  Check out her etsy shop for other earrings, and merchandise. (mycrystalstrands) She has a lot of other really nice earrings, but these are my favorite! If I only had the money.

 Okay, this one I WILL have. I love the Sookie Stackhouse series, and this is the next one! I have been waiting for this! It comes out in April. Yay!

So, that's all, not too bad, not too crazy! But sadly most of it I will never buy. But it's okay, it's nice to have pretty things to wish for, but really life is about WAY more than materialistic things.

*I know it is Saturday when this is getting posted, but I started it last night and had to stop it from the headache my new contacts gave me, lol I do know what day it is!*

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