Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shaneyism Sunday

Over the summer Shane decided he wanted to be a rock star! He came up with the name Shane Loves Frogs for his band. He said that he will sing and play guitar. His friend Liam will also play guitar, his cousin Chance will play bass, and he is even allowing his little sister to be in the band as the drummer! They are going to play music like Rancid! Boy this made mommy proud! : )

Well, Shane took it even further. The bands debut cd will be called Frog Frog so bare Frog Frog with clothes on!  He even came up with the song names for the cd!

1. Stinky Toilet
2. Broken Microwave
3. Power Sink
4. Old T.V.
5. Hard Window
6. Soft Pillow
7. Play dough on Your Head
8. Locked Door
9. Blue Bucket
10. Finger Boo Boo
11. Banging Couch
12. Golf Ball in the Fridge

I love that he is so imaginative!

 I thought this would be a good pic for the inside of the cd:

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