Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Plan

We have decided to give menu planning a try again. I had been trying to write weekly menu's for every 2 weeks. The only problem was I was doing these elaborate meals. I will say, it was nice to have the variety, and try new recipes, but it was expensive. So, we are going to do this simple! I will still be doing the planning for every 2 weeks, but we made up a "theme" for each night. Like on Mondays, since my hubby has off, we will do a really nice, more elaborate meal. Tuesdays will be breakfast for dinner, this winter Wednesday will be crock pot night. Thursday my hubby works late, and it's just me and the kids, so we will do leftovers or something real easy, like grilled cheeses. :) Friday is pizza night! I figured we could change this up a little, do an all white pizza, or pepperoni. I can't wait to do english muffin pizzas for the kids! Saturday we aren't real sure yet, I figured maybe just kid friendly food. And then Sunday is leftovers.

I know it sounds boring, and maybe a little repetitious. But I figure I can change it up alittle here or there. My whole thought process, is really just cooking simple meals. I want to make things the kids will eat, and not have to nag them to do so. And a major point, is saving money! We have been spending so much money on food, it's ridiculous! I am also going to just try and buy things that are on sale. And base some of my menus off of this. I still have to go shopping this week, so am winging the first few days this week. But next week I will post my menu plan. And hope to do so every week. :) I'm excited to try this and see if it works! Fingers Crossed!

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