Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lowe's Family Fun Day

Well, it was suppose to be fun! Today, it started out great, but ended not so great. Shane has an obsession with toilets, lol. We really are not sure why. He likes other appliances as well. Another favorite is microwaves. We have been doing this new thing with Shane. If he is good from Friday-Monday, we take him to Lowe's on daddy's day off on Tuesday's. We go to strictly just look, at the toilets, and appliances! It's a free field trip, and Shane LOVES it!

So, today, daddy ended up working to help out a friend, and get extra money for Christmas. So, it was just me and the kiddies. There was no way I wasn't going to take him. He had been good, and a trip out of the house was much needed. I'm not even going to get into the person who didn't know how to merge on the way down there, and had me shaking so bad. ( stinks for them they were driving a company truck, and I called the company on them!) So, anyways....we got to Lowe's. And this week we went to a different one. Shane was a little disappointed that they didn't have as many toilets down on the floor displayed as the other Lowe's, but they did have a few.

Shane loved this toilet, lol. He especially loved the no slam lid it had! We need to get one STAT! Not only does Shane let the lid slam, but so does daddy! We joke around that maybe Shane will be a plumber when he grows up! They charge a lot, so they must make a lot! This week Shane also seemed to really be into going through the kitchen's they have. He seemed to favor lighter or white wood, while I really like the darker wood, like cherry. It's so funny to see a 4 year old get excited by the fact that the stove has a microwave over it, or there are 2 sinks! It seems like such a silly little thing we do, but it makes him happy! And that to me, is all that matters! I love my little man and all his little eccentricities!

Today would have been perfect, but when we were getting ready to leave, Shane was swinging his arms, and cut his finger open on a shelf! :( My poor little man. The people at the store were very nice though, and I took him up front to clean it out, and they gave me a band aid. But he was very upset about it and how much it was bleeding! There was even a customer who went over and got him a free pair of safety glasses, to try and calm him down. Every now and then you meet someone who is just nice, and it is so refreshing! I thank whomever that woman was, to be so nice and see a young boy crying, and try to cheer him up. In the end, our free family fun day ended up costing me a ice cream. But it was all worth it, and I'm sure we'll keep up the tradition and keep going! I love seeing my kids happy!

I just had to add in this picture of Saige. Because she was there too, along for the ride. This is how she was amusing herself while her brother checked out appliances, by "talking" on mommy's cell phone!

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  1. That is so funny about the toilets! Hahaha.

    Just a suggestion, you might want to switch down to three columns instead of four. Four just makes it hard to read.

    Lovin' your blog though!