Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaneyism Sunday

A little different this week. Just a few small Shaneyism's.

Lately Shane has been obsessed with his penis, or wiener as he likes to refer to it as. And the other day he was dancing around and yelled to me "my wiener is shaking!"  He also was dancing before a bath one night and told me after "hey mom, when I was naked in the bathroom and dancing, my penis was shaking." My little man has discovered his penis moves. Haha!

Oh, also on the topic of penises, he told me " A wiener is a hot dog, a wiener is a penis."

One more. Does anyone know the Dr. Seuss book There's A Wocket in My Pocket? Just a silly rhyming book like most Dr. Seuss books. There are things like "there's a gnair under my chair", or "a zillow on my pillow." One day Shane was saying lines from the book and says "There's a whore in the drawer!" I don't think that is in the Dr. Seuss version! lol.

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