Monday, November 29, 2010

Shout Out to Saige

I have been doing Shaneyism Sundays, and I feel like I have been leaving Saige out. So, just a little about my baby girl. Wow, just looked at the date, Saige is 15 months old today! I cannot believe this! We joke she is 1 going on 16 because of the way she acts. She is definitely a little diva! Must of gotten it from Aunt Niki, certainly not from me! The faces and expressions she makes just crack me up! I have never seen looks like these from a baby! There is the I want it now face, the as if face, the oh please face, the go __ yourself face, oh yes, she already has one of those! I am telling you, she is 16 in her heart!

But she really is a sweet baby as well. I love when they are still this cuddly! And when you hug her and pat her back, she'll pat yours back! Melts my heart! She is such a little sweetie! And her saying mama, love it! She said it in her sleep the other night, so precious! And have you seen her big green eyes? Or hazel, we are unsure of the color, sometimes they look more blue, sometimes more green. But what ever color they are, they are gorgeous!

And what is with the climbing? I do not ever remember Shane being as into everything as she is. She is so curious and wants it all. Typical girl huh? She has a big silly grin, and an even sillier little laugh!I love how she is getting her own little personality. It's quite a silly little one, but then she does have Shane as a big brother! 

We thought because Shane is so active and crazy that Saige would be the mellow one, yea right! This little lady is a hellion, and we have realized she is the one to watch out for! I could go on about this little lady! She has diva fits, she has daddy and poppy wrapped around her little finger, the boy next door has already picked her a flower, and I am completely head over heels crazy about her!!!

I love you Bean!!!!

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Love it!!! It's too cute!!!