Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green Eyed Poop

I believe I warned you all on Shaneyism Sundays that there would be talk about poop, sorry it cannot be helped. I do live with a 4 year old boy. But I have to admit, I may talk about poop just as much. That sounds gross doesn't it? But I think all those years of denying that girls don't poop went down the toilet when I had kids, or maybe when I becamse pregnant. All you women who have been pregnant know what I am talking about, either the constipation, or the constant poos. Oh gosh, here I go! I admit, I was actually on a poop website tonight! Yup, just me by myself looking up a silly website with different names for poop! My husband was not even here to laugh at it with me. I blame all this on my dear son. He thinks it is a funny word, and randomly adds it into songs or just talks about it. He can be found yelling "poop on your head!" or something else totally silly. Today it was a green eyed poop. A poop that he said was green and had an eye. I think I would be very scared of that poop!

When I picked him up at preschool yesterday, he and a classmate were making silly faces at each other, and I heard the word poop being said left and right! I said something to the other boys mother, and she actually apologized to me! She said her kids love the word poop and her daughter even has a doll named Poopie! I am so glad it's not just me! I hope Saige does not have a love of the word poop, or a doll named Poopie! But at the same time, I do not want her to be ashamed of poop, because everyone poops!  Or backs the big brown caddy out of the garage, paints the bowl,  serves up a poo poo platter, makes some fertilizer....

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